Who we are

Baflike.com is a “hope road” project designed to materialize people’s time lost on social networks and portals. The project is a such platform created to ensure users to utilize their valuable time efficiently. Giving an opportunity to generate everyone’s own successful business either on social network or business sector with a minor capital baflike.com takes network marketing as a model operating as the robust part of global business sector. Social network is hybridized by synthesizing business. As said above, by taking the network business model company has designed multi-staged and diverse profitable payment system based on “Unilevel” marketing version.

Service type offered by baflike.com is advertisement. By offering advertisement package to paying subscribers Baflike.com shares its profit with them as well. Baflike.com offers advertisement package to each paying users for promotion of own product or services and gives part of its profit from advertisement to paying users. Baflike.com completely believe with its staff in gaining users satisfaction with advertising bonuses, recommendation bonuses, career bonuses and other bonuses as well.

Why us

Baflike.com is the part of growing, developing advertisement sector and is targeting take its worthy place in the grate business arena. Hence you will become the important part of evolving business sector and will grow up with us. Baflike.com with its staff who has over ten years of experience, does not doubt conquering the peaks together in confidence and in peace. One of the main reason why you decide to work with us is small investment which enough to create your own business. You can be sure that you are in right place in right time. Thus, be ready to write your life story along with us with the smallest investment in the world's largest market

Our goals

In Baflike.com our goal in the world where unemployment and challenges are continuously multiplying and in the global arena where people are struggling with these challenges and difficulties, is providing them business opportunities with few investment, global support for declining unemployment, sharing the benefits that technology brings with people and thus to achieve the goal by saving mankind from the crisis and being together in this honorable way.

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